Collaborate With Me

I have a lot of open projects that I've never finished, stuff like:

This list is non-exhaustive but if any of them sound interesting to you or "in the right area" and you want to help with them, you should message me.

If you wish to collaborate with me at Eureka, you should probably talk to the cofounders, not me. If you’re interested in what we do and are interesting you should shoot me an email and I’ll make an intro.

I might even be willing to pay you to work on some of these, especially if you are a bright young person in their mid-to-late teens looking to do stuff rather than get into the academic ratchet.

I am also low-key hiring a part-time programmer to work on my open-source side projects for me, I think my alpha is in spotting people that aren’t established in their career yet and don’t have the institutional papers required to get a foothold. If you are in this position we can probably have a very beneficial collaboration for 1-2 years where:

  1. I can mentor you can connect you to better mentors in areas you like.

  2. I will pay you better than any alternative you’d get.

  3. You will get “experience” and “exposure” in order to go an find higher paying (though maybe less interesting) work.

If you want me to work with you on your own projects:

If anything above interests you, get in touch by applying to work with me.

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